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Revelations by Leon Kirchner

Verdant World Records is proud to present Leon Kirchner Revelations, including never before published or recorded, and rarely recorded works of Leon Kirchner (1919-2009), eminent American composer. The program includes the choral, piano-vocal and solo piano works: Little Suite, Dawn, Three Songs, Words from Wordsworth, A Moment For Roger, The Twilight Stood, and The Forbidden.

World class artists Joel Fan: Piano, Diana Hoagland: Soprano, Beverly Hoch: Soprano. Leon Kirchner: Piano, Scott Dunn: Conductor, and The Choir, including New York's freelance choral lions. All have gathered together to perform works of Leon Kirchner, spanning the years from his first compositions in 1943 to his last in 2006.

On his birthday, January 24, comes the birth of new music, new additions to the catalog of works for singer, choir, conductor, and pianist, Joel Fan's new recording of The Forbidden, and a new album of Revelations by Leon Kirchner.
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